Twitch to Release Ads Incentive Program; A Much Needed Revamp to Ads

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In a now hidden blog post, Twitch announced the Ads Incentive Program (AIP – pronounced ‘ape’), which will operate much like the Bounty Board.

Let’s face it, streaming generally means an unreliable income and an unreliable income often leads to stress. Ads, an underutilized money-earning feature, is getting a much needed revamp. In a now hidden blog post, Twitch announced the Ads Incentive Program (AIP – pronounced ‘ape’), which will operate much like the Bounty Board.
Thanks to Zach Bussey, a streaming reporter, we have the inside scoop.

AIP has yet to release, but once it does you can check your Ads Manager dashboard to see if you have access to it.

How Will AIP Work?


Get paid in four easy steps:

1. Receive a personalized offer every month (offers will vary by creator).

2. Choose your preferred offer.

You will receive a fixed ad rate payout for streaming a minimum amount of hours while running a minimum number of ads. Once you choose an offer Twitch will set up your ads schedule (in Ads Manager) to ensure the proper amount of ad time runs for you.

3. Stream during the month.

If you end up not meeting the required amounts, you will get a prorated payout.

4. Earn your incentive.

If you end up running more than the previously agreed upon amount of ads, you will get the normal ad payout rate, on top of the agreed amount.


I know, ads are annoying, but AIP can offer a more reliable way to predict monthly income; plus with the use of the Ads Scheduler you will receive a notification when an ad will run so you can pause your game or take a short break and your viewers won’t have to miss out.

It’s stated in Twitch’s (now hidden) blog, “These offers are just the beginning for this program. We expect to improve this experience over time in order to make the lives of creators easier.” Hopefully, the program aims to actually help creators, as Wyzrd, a content creator on Twitch & RG Partnered Streamer said it best, “Twitch’s track record for paying Affiliates and Partners a worthy amount is something that has long been debated.”

Caplinski, another Twitch content creator, points out that “Most people leave a stream when they see a 30 second ad…I [wonder if] using this incentive program for this sum of money could damage the reputation and viewership.”

While AIP sounds like it could help ease the worry of unpredictable income, there are some valid concerns and a lot of unanswered questions.

The provided example is likely for a creator with a few hundred viewers, as the incentives are quite high. Since the offers are tailored, what will the criteria be that determines the amount of the incentives (i.e viewers, subs, average hours streamed, etc.)?


Some Food for Thought

Will customization for when ads run be available, or will it be set in stone when the Ads scheduler sets it for you?

Will it have any geographical restraints, like the Bounty Board, which is currently only available in select regions?

Will they implement a way to prevent creators from grinding out the amount of hours and ad time, such as a certain amount of time must pass between ads?

Will creators have to meet an average amount of hours already streamed a month just to qualify for the program, to help weed out individuals who dedicate their stream to just running ads to earn money?



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